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“Enjoying the event
last Friday was an understatement.  
We are still reeling from the fun of last week and the spirit continues at work as we speak.

Thanks to you and your team. We really had a blast.”

 Regards, Kristine Lopez, NextGen Gaming

You’ll love Sydney’s laugh a minute outdoor team building activity, the Mini Olympics - watch our short trailer here:

Mini Olympics is a fun and energetic outdoor team event where familiar activities are updated for adults with a fun twist.  This event is perfect for active teams who enjoy a bit of friendly competition in the great outdoors.

Mini Olympics is a best selling team activity from Sydney’s team building specialists, Team Bonding - where fun rules.

How Does It Work?

Your group will be divided into smaller teams of 9 - 12 people. Each are allocated a country, they will prepare a national "cheer" and are encouraged to support each other throughout the event.

The Mini Olympics is basically run like an adult’s sports carnival. Countries compete for gold medals at 3 main three stadiums, with familiar events re-engineered with a quirky Team Bonding twist to be light and fun (see below).

Is it For Your Team?

Whilst the Mini Olympics is designed for relatively active teams, our  philosophy ensures our events are inclusive and physical challenges are safe and not intimidating. and no team member is forced to participate in any activities because people volunteer for the events after hearing what is required.

So what are the competitive events?

Race Meet

- flippers, gowns & gumboots obstacle course

- 3 person sack race-

- buddy walker race

- run mat

- multi leg relay

Ball Sports

- soccer with giant balls

- polo ponies race

- amoeba race

- quick pass challenge

- fly ball

Field Meet

- rhythmic gymnastics routine

- tinny shoot

- garden darts

- tug of war

- giant "grundy" stab

Upon arrival at the "stadium" teams are briefed on the medal events and team members volunteer for 2 - 4 events. Teams will then rotate to the other stadiums and an overall medal tally will be kept.

What They Said:

"It's always hard to build in some fun and bond teams from front office with sales with limited time available. Your team did it! The whole team had a great afternoon full of action and team spirit. The Team Bonding personnel were efficient and fun. Would highly recommend"  

Andrew Pearson,  State Manager GraysOnline

Duration: Around 2.25  hours.

Price Includes: Equipment and facilitation of games, plus one bottle of water for each participant.

Excludes council charges for parks, team prizes and any team "uniforms".  

Group size: Not suitable for groups under 14 pax.


14 - 24 pax $2,100 + GST (Compete in 2 teams)

25 - 36 pax $2,40 + GST (Compete in 3 teams)  

37 - 48 pax $2,700 + GST (Compete in 4 teams)

49 - 72 pax $3,000 + GST (Compete in 6 teams)

73 - 100 pax $3,300 + GST (Compete in 9 teams)

For larger groups we can run 2 events side by side, please enquire


We need to find a suitable location for this event that has the following; spacious flat areas, shade available (October - April), toilets and easy vehicular access.  

Our preferred venue is the Royal Botanic Gardens, our activity is pre-approved in this location and we can arrange this permit on your behalf

Please click through the the locations page to review other suggestions

Wet Weather:
Day Prior: If your day is forecast to be bad, or is bad the day before, Team Bonding will consult with you to decide if we go ahead or not. (Safety and comfort are the paramount concerns).
With 24 hours notice we can change to an indoor event
On the Day: If upon arriving at the location we decide not to go ahead Team Bonding will re run the day at a time that suits both parties, but will need to be compensated for any direct staff costs and hired equipment accrued on the original booked day.
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